One of the most eagerly looked forward events in the Buccleuch church calendar was upon us! Our annual trip to the beautiful, picturesque, coastal village of Aberdour.

The impeding weather, presented a little bit or foreboding and the BBC weather app had never been looked at as much as it was in the preceding week. Despite the outlook, there was an excellent turn out from the congregation who descended by car, train and bike (yes there were a couple of Tour de France wannabes who enjoyed a cycle for a part of the journey) – and a big thanks to those who brought their friends along.


Hunger had clearly set in and first thing on arrival was to enjoy the savouries, sandwiches and cakes that had been brought along. Having had appetites satisfied, and with a little rain in the air, the kids enjoyed a vigorous game of “parachute” in the church hall. Others drifted down to the beach where flora and fauna were checked out and Ben obtained some mementos. Others checked out rock pools or walked along the beach (question – can you recognise those in the photos with backs to the camera?)

Identify the Beach Walkers!


Who said it’s raining?


The good news about the weather (although perhaps not quite to “weather forecaster” mis-prediction proportions), was that the rain had largely gone away. So it was down to the park to enjoy swings, roundabouts and other fun on offer. Frisbees and footballs were also thrown and kicked around with not a little concern about a potential for puled hamstrings!The call to return to St Fillan’s Hall for ice cream was made – a special thanks to Neil who faithfully acquires this from his favourite ice cream shop.

Who is on top of the mast?!


Before making the journey home, some group photographs were taken to complete a great reminder of the day. God was good to us again and a great day was had by all! A big thanks to everyone who came, served, contributed – a day that passed quickly and where new friendships were made and nurtured.


Aberdour 2019