About Us

Our Vision and Values


Reach people with the good news of Jesus.

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost’ (Luke 19:10).

Jesus came on a rescue mission to save people from sin and give the gift of eternal life. In his life, death and resurrection we have good news to share. We want to share that good news of Jesus with as many people as we can, by showing our faith and love in action and by speaking about Jesus to others.

Grow as Christians in faith, love and service.

‘I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit’ (John 15:5).

Faith in Jesus brings us into a loving relationship with God our heavenly Father. We want to help one another grow to know and enjoy God more in his word the Bible, to grow in love for Jesus our Saviour, and to walk in step with God the Spirit. As we grow in our faith and love together we want to share God’s love with one another and serve God in the world.

Build a diverse and welcoming family of faith

‘As you come to him, the living Stone … you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house’
(1 Peter 2:4-5)

Faith in Jesus brings us into God’s great kingdom-building project. We want to be a church built on Jesus and his word, and for God’s word to be the ‘family values’ we live by. We want to be a welcoming Christian family that is open to all kinds of people either to grow in faith or begin to explore the Christian faith with us.

Send, sending people and resources for God’s global mission

‘go and make disciples of all nations’ (Matthew 28:19)

Every Christian is sent on a mission. For some that will be in our homes, families, workplaces and local parts of the city. For others that will mean going to other parts of the world in order to live for God and proclaim the good news of Jesus. We want to train and resource men and women to serve God in our city, our country and around our world.

What We Believe


As a congregation of the Free Church of Scotland our standards and beliefs are summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith. Below is a summary of our core beliefs:

The Bible Is True

God speaks in and through the Bible, which is his revelation of his character and his plan of salvation. It was inspired by the Holy Spirit and is without error. As the revelation of God’s truth, it has authority over all we do, in faith and practice.

God Is Trinity

God has existed for all eternity as One Being and Three Persons – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is loving in his very nature and he chose to share that relationship and love with people created in his image.

People Are Created In God’s Image

Humanity was created by God – in his image – to love and enjoy God. Each person on the face of the earth has great value and dignity and is worthy of great respect. Created to reflect and reveal God’s image and character, because of sin we have each distorted that image.

Eternity Is Real

God made every person who has ever lived with a soul that will never die. We will all live on forever: either in relationship with God (heaven) or separated from him (hell). Our eternal destiny rests on our response to the offer of forgiveness and salvation God has extended through Jesus’ death on the cross.

Sin Is Real

Sin is the rejection of relationship with God, it is turning our back on our Creator and Saviour. Sin is a breaking of God’s law which at the same time is a breaking of God’s heart. Sin is the basic problem of what is wrong in the world and within each human heart. Sin is what separates us from God and robs of true joy and life.

Jesus Is Our Only Saviour

Jesus came to restore our relationship with God. By ourselves we could never deal with our sin problem or live a life worthy of enjoying life with God. Jesus, being fully God and fully human, has become our substitute: living the perfect life we couldn’t live, dying on the cross to pay the punishment our sin deserves, then rising again to conquer death. On the basis of His sacrifice, we can be forgiven and restored to peace with God.

Salvation Is By Grace, And Through Faith

There is absolutely nothing we can do to restore our relationship with God. No amount of religious effort, good deeds, or hard work can repay the debt we owe for dishonouring God and rebelling against him. We rely entirely on God’s mercy and the Salvation that can come only through Jesus. It is a free gift of God’s grace to undeserving people. Faith is the act of receiving this free gift, trusting that Jesus has paid the price in full to forgive our sin and give us the gift of eternal life.

The Holy Spirit Lives In God’s People

God does not leave believers to make it through life on their own. Instead, he sends the Holy Spirit to dwell in our hearts. The Holy Spirit leads us into truth and gives us strength to and wisdom to trust and follow Jesus. By the Holy Spirit we are united to Jesus Christ and enjoy a real, personal, living relationship with God.

The Church Is God’s Community

Community is at the very heart of who God is, and is at the heart of God’s purposes in the world. The Church is a group of fellow-sinners who have been saved by God’s grace and now love and serve one another as members of God’s family. We also work together to see God’s purposes for humanity fulfilled here on earth.

Jesus Our Lord Will Return

Jesus will return, bodily and visibly, at the end of history to judge all people and receive his people to himself. He will come to finish what he started, dealing with the problem of sin and evil once and for all and establishing a New Heavens and New Earth where he will live with his people for all eternity. He will complete his promise to make all things new when he comes again.

Meet the Team


James Ross


James has been our minister since 2016. He is married to Vickie and they have two children. In his spare time James enjoys reading books, drinking good coffee, cycling, but mostly hanging out with family and friends.

Vickie Ross

Women’s Ministry Team Leader

Vickie is married to James with two boys. She enjoys being out in the sunshine, especially at the beach with an ice cream in hand.

Wei Fan

Teen Leader

“Just as how much I enjoy looking after my plants, I endeavour to sow seeds of His Kingdom and Words in the heart of teenagers.” 

Mark 4: 26-32

Bob Akroyd

Mission Support Team Leader

Originally from New Jersey, Bob has lived in Japan as well as Edinburgh. He lectures at Edinburgh Theological Seminary and has the enviable talent of remembering the name of everyone he’s ever met. Bob loves good food, good company, and the occasional single malt.

Willie Lytle

Junior Church Leader

Originally from Northern Ireland, Willie has lived in Edinburgh for nearly 30 years. He is married to Anne and dad to 3 boys. He enjoys reading in his spare time.

Cailean Morison

Praise Leader and AV

Originally from the north, Cailean came to study music at Edinburgh Uni a few years ago and decided to stay. He lives in south Edinburgh with his wife Sarah and their many houseplants. Cailean has now realised every small child’s dream job and become a train driver, which he loves.

Rachel Rae


Rachel is happiest when surrounded by flowers in her garden, preferably with chocolate.

Sarah Lytle


Sarah enjoys knitting and watching murder mysteries on TV. She met her husband in Buccleuch, and they now boast four daughters and one dog.