From 27th of June we will be changing our service times. Instead of having two morning services, we will have one in-person morning service and one in-person evening service. Both of these services will be livestreamed.

There’s more change afoot though – pay attention! We will also be moving the time of our morning service to 10.30am. This is largely because parking charges around Buccleuch are now in effect between 12.30pm – 6.30pm. By having our service at 10.30am there’s plenty of time to chat afterwards and get back to your car before you get a parking ticket.

If you are paying attention you’ll be thinking “But we’ll have to pay for parking at the evening service” and you’d be right. We’re not making that service later as the earlier time lets our children come to the evening service and get home in good time for bed. The good news if that you can still avoid the parking charges during our evening services by parking near the Meadows and walking about 5-10 minutes to Buccleuch. If you are unable to walk that distance, Buccleuch are lucky enough to have a few parking spaces which will be bookable for those who need.

Parking charges are a downside of being a city centre church, an advantage is that we’re a city centre church and are on plenty of bus routes. There’s a map of our location and bus numbers on our I’m New page.

Just so it’s nice and clear because let’s be honest, we all find change a bit confusing from the 27th of June our Sunday worship will be:

10.30am In-person worship at Buccleuch and on YouTube

5.30am In-person worship at Buccleuch and on YouTube


Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash