Last Sunday we had the first Communion services in what felt like a very long time indeed. Thanks to Covid, even Communion was different from what we are accustomed to. We had single portions of bread (or tiny wafer thing) and grape juice – quite a change from our usual ancient silver goblets filled with port! As with so many things, different wasn’t worse it was just different. There was a sense of unity as the whole congregation partook at the same time. James preached on ‘Living in the light of Christ’s victory’. Those listening were encouraged to take Christ’s example and live life with a new attitude, new desire, new lifestyle and a new view of judgement in our daily lives. This passage also challenged us to live differently in our church family; to love each other, pray for each other, show hospitality and serve one another. Going forward we plan to have Communion at the morning services on the last Sunday of every month.

Our evening services are looking at six women in the New Testament book of Luke and how Jesus changes everything for them. If you’d like to listen again, or for the first time, check out our podcasts.

In other Buccleuch news we’re excited that Junior Church can meet again, although places are limited to 10 kids. Junior Church is full for this Sunday, but to be oversubscribed is  good problem to have. We’re also getting ready for our Congregational Meeting next Wednesday. This is where we chat through all things Buccleuch in 2020, hear from different ministry leaders and have a look at the finances. All connected to the congregation are very welcome. At the Congregational Meeting we also look to the future and think about what our plans are for 2021. This year’s we’ll be hearing from the Refurb Team. With such an old building there’s always work to be done so we’ll be looking at what work we need to do to keep us wind and water tight as well as hearing about plans for improving the building.

If you’d like any more information about our services, Congregational Meeting or anything else Buccleuch, please use the Contact Us page and our admin will get back to you asap.


Featured image by James Coleman on Unsplash