Theology Group

Learning together what we believe and why it still matters

Last Wednesday of each month from 7:30pm 

Why not join us this year as we explore some of the key doctrines of the Christian faith as they are understood and applied in the Westminster Confession of Faith? We hope that by reading through this document together, and coming together each month to listen to a short talk and ask some questions based on each topic, we can come to a deeper understanding of what we believe and why that matters so much today.

If you want to grow in confidence in what you believe so you can share it with others, if you are regularly teaching or sharing the Bible and want more clarity on its key points, or if you are simply interested to know more about Christianity, this would be a great place to come!

You can access the Westminster Confession of Faith here:

The readings for each session are listed below:

26th Jan     Scripture    Chapter 1
23rd Feb  God   Chapters 2-3
29th Mar God and Man   Chapters 4-6
26th Apr Jesus Christ   Chapters 7-8
31st May Salvation Pt1   Chapters 9-13
28th Jun Salvation Pt2   Chapters 14-18
30th Aug Christian Life 1   Chapters 19-22
27th Sep Christian Life 2   Chapters 23-24
25th Oct The Church   Chapters 25-31
29th Nov The Last Things   Chapters 32-33


For more information, please contact our course leader Alex MacDonald.

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