Manuel & Patty Reano


Patricia Cuellar Reaño works as a Family Therapist for Vinculo, a Christian counselling centre in Medellin, where she provides counselling and also lectures at the various training courses that the centre offers to churches and individuals in the area of counselling, chaplaincy, etc. Patty also speaks at conferences for women, and as of lately has got involved in a national movement that advocates for healthy (heterosexual) families and pro-life values, helping in the organisation of different events that try to raise consciousness on these issues, specially (although not exclusively), among Christians.

Manuel teaches Practical Theology courses at the Bible Seminary of Colombia –FUSBC for its initials in Spanish– as a part-time lecturer. The rest of his working time is divided among several ministries: with Fundacion Ventura, they organise events for different groups (men, women, young people), helping folks assume a deeper commitment in all dimensions of life as Christians. Ventura has just started an openly Christian Scout troop (boys and girls). With the Director of Christ for the City for Colombia, they work on mentoring and pastoring ministers, and help promoting ministerial values partnering with Mentorlik, as well as ministering, mentoring and counselling other ministers and Christian leaders locally and nationally (and lately, even abroad). He also works as editor of texts for different projects (he worked for the last couple of years helping with the Latin American Contemporary Bible Commentary, and is currently editing a History of Exegesis for FUSBC). He represents FUSBC at the Latin American Association for Theological Education, where he is part of its Accreditation Commission.

Manuel and Patty work in Colombia since 1999, as FCS missionaries seconded to Latin Link. They have three grown up children, Catalina (Communicator and Journalist), Cristina (a soon-to- be Lawyer) and Benjamin (a soon-to- be Business Administrator).

Catriona Macdonald


Catriona Macdonald is serving as a teacher in ‘Colegio San Andres’ in Lima, where she seeks to inspire the next generation of Peruvians to follow Jesus. As well as teaching English to secondary pupils, Catriona takes assemblies, teaches Scottish Country Dancing and tries to be an example of faith and integrity.

Colegio San Andres’ was founded by Free Church missionaries a hundred years ago and has been used by God to impact thousands of pupils and their families for Christ. It has played an influential role in the growth of the evangelical church over

recent decades with many former pupils faithfully serving their communities across the country.

The school offers a first-class education within a strong Christian context to over 800 pupils aged between 2 and 17 and enjoys an excellent reputation as one of the best Christian schools in the capital. Pupils have the opportunity to study a variety of subjects, receive daily Bible-teaching and put their faith into practice by participating in projects to help those in poor areas of Lima.

The school’s ministry is crucial in discipling children and young people to make a difference in their generation and to confront the current challenges facing Peru such as corruption, abuse of power, environmental issues and addiction.

Catriona was a member in Buccleuch & Greyfriars for many years and continues to enjoy a strong family connection with the congregation. You can find out more about her life in Lima by subscribing to her regular short email updates.

Opportunities abound for serving in the school as a short-term volunteer or professional teacher. Please contact Catriona for more information.

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