Who we are

First and foremost we are a group of people who have been saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ. That changes us as people as it brings us into the family of God and explains why we call Buccleuch ‘home’. Our members come from different backgrounds, nations, church traditions, and cultures but by God’s Spirit at work in us we are all one in Christ Jesus.

In our church family, like many families, we enjoy spending time together. Whether formally as a church, or informally through the week we will eat meals together, share play dates with our children, help each other with the practicalities of life, or enjoy music together.

But more than that, as a church family we want to help each other grow together to become more like Jesus to the glory of God our Father, and with the help of the Holy Spirit. When we meet at church night or home Bible studies during the week, we study and share God’s word together and pray for each other. The elders of our church seek to build good relationships with members so that they can help and support in any spiritual struggles or questions that their people have. Our hope is that we can grow in our love for each other so that we can speak the truth in love to each other, share in each other’s joys and sorrows, and serve one another.

Knowing that we have been the given the greatest of all gifts by God in sending Jesus to save us, we want to be people who serve others and bring the love of God into their lives. We encourage our members to use the spiritual gifts God has given them so that we can work together to be a blessing to our family, our friends, and our city. Part of that is having a special interest in our local Southside community and building connections within the local community so that we can be good neighbours and a church that serves by sharing God’s love in word and action.