Meet the Team

Minister - James Ross

JamesJames is married to Vickie and they have two boys, Kasper and Sebastian who keep them exhausted and joyful in equal measure. His route to ministry began with studying theology at Highland Theological College in Dingwall at the same time as being a youth worker for Dingwall Free Church. From there it was on to Free Church College (in its pre-ETS guise) in Edinburgh before moving to Glasgow to share the gospel among international students in Free Church congregations and around Glasgow University. In May 2016 they moved to Edinburgh to begin serving in Buccleuch.

In his spare time James enjoys reading books and drinking good coffee, cycling, but mostly hanging out with family and friends. He is very much enjoying reliving his childhood with lots of lego and train track building. 

Session Clerk – Johnnie MacLeod

JohnnyMacleodJohnnie is from the Black Isle in the Highlands. He has been coming to Buccleuch since he came to Edinburgh for university in 2002. He is married with one daughter who keeps him on his toes. As Session Clerk, he handles the minutes and correspondence of the Kirk Session and tries to keep the congregation informed of what's going on.




Music Coordinator - Jon Green

jongreenJon is the Buccleuch Music Coordinator.  He explains: “This means that I organise and lead the music for Sunday. A real blessing of Buccleuch is its great variety of ages, and our Sunday praise attempts to reflect our many generations: we sing psalms of both old and new translation, hymns that have been sung for over a thousand years, and songs especially for our young ones. We make a joyful noise: sometimes singing a capella and sometimes with a band. Whether you’re a singer or an instrumentalist, we can always use more recruits!"

Sunday School Superintendent – Willie Lytle

Willie was born in Belfast and now lives in Edinburgh with his wife and three young sons.  He’s been worshipping at Buccleuch for twenty years and is a Deacon, precentor (leads the singing) and Sunday School Superintendent.  Under Willie’s supervision, Buccleuch’s Sunday school is enjoying a period of growth.  In his spare time, he enjoys reading books and is partial to a game of cricket if time permits! 

Treasurer – Rebecca Green

Rebecca has been attending Buccleuch since the day after she moved to Edinburgh, in October 2006. Straight away, she found a church family she could be a part of.

As treasurer, she organises the church finances and reports on these to the congregation. Please contact her with any questions you may have on this subject! During the rest of the week she works as a civil engineer. As you may have guessed, she has a strong affinity to spreadsheets.

She is married to Jonathan, and they have a daughter, Nina, widely regarded as one of the most cutest babies in Scotland (at least by her parents).